• L'Expo universelle, 1889. Series Information: La Mémoire des siècles, 210. Author: Ory, Pascal. Publisher: Bruxelles: Editions Complexe, 1989. Language: French.  Physical description: 153 p. ; 18 cm. Unique identifiers:  2870272774 9782870272770, Abstract:  This relatively brief work is part of a historical series.  It highlights the various accomplishments and distinguishing features of the 1889 Universal Exposition in Paris.  Some of the chapter titles include: The Fairy Electriciy, The Age of Iron, Garden Party of the Government, The Colonial Exposition, and Extraordinary Voyages.  Notes:  Includes a bibliography and an Index.
  • Le fer à Paris, architectures: exposition "Le Fer à Paris - Architectures" présentée au Pavillon de l'Arsenal du 9 mars au 21 mai 1989. Author: Marrey, Bernard. Publisher: Paris: Picard [u.a.], 1989. Language: French.  Physical description: 218 S. : zahlr. Ill., Kt. Unique identifiers: 2708403796 9782708403796 290751301X 9782907513012.  Notes: Conference publication.


  • The 1889 World Exhibition in Paris: The French, the Age of Machines, and the Wild West.  Series information: Nineteenth-Century Contexts, 31, no. 2 (2009): 129-142.  Author:  Berthier-Foglar, Susanne.  Publisher: Taylor & Francis, 2009.  Language: English.  Unique identifiers: ISSN - 0890-5495  
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