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*Series information
*Author or creator
*Author or creator

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The theme of this library is the 1889 Exposition Universelle held in Paris.  Sub-pages of the site discuss several aspects of the exposition's significance, including the following:

  • Architecture and Technology
  • Culture and Anthropology
  • Fashion
  • History
  • Music

Resources have been chosen for each of the above areas because they provide relevant information on this topic.  Since the topic is historical in nature and pre-dates most forms of photography as well as audio or video recordings, most of the items are either books, articles from newspapers, and drawings.  Most are on-line reproductions of original resources.  Some of them are in French.  Given the age and uniqueness of each item, we are providing as much of the following metadata about each as possible:

  • Title
  • Series information
  • Language
  • Author or creator
  • Publisher information, including date
  • Notes
  • ISBN number for books, database information for articles, or URL for on-line resources
  • A brief abstract

Images and written information about the Exposition are provided on the site to provide visual interest and tie together the materials chosen for the library.

We hope you will enjoy exploring our library as much as we enjoyed compiling it.  (184 words.  CS. 9/28)

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